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Fallout Re: MBT's

Well I got excited when I saw the title on the website hoping as they just posted this yesterday (now) it would be one of their "tech sheets" however it's not. Same as we already have with the exception they're reporting that the Ukraine already has 130 of these in the field in the ATO. I think I still like Oct. though, it sounds safer.

So why bother? I thought the pictures in the article would be useful. As you look at the top picture on the left of the MG you can see what appears to be ATGW detector/jammer similar to SHORTORA. Now look center line on the turret top next to the 12.7mm NVS and you'll see the same but smaller. If it is as I suspect, it has to be there to detect top attack ATGW's.

The second picture below clearly shows the slat armor. A bit of a mystery as you look at the same picture is what's the purpose of that housing unit the grenade launchers appear to be riding on, turret aft.

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