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Default Re: MBT's

Which is what the T-80BV-U (upgrade) was supposed to be ( I think ........) it's seems there are upgrades to upgrades reported every month


no reactive armour showing on the hull front for the T-90m and most interesting..or perhaps it's that the joins between the reactive are much closer than before

The T-90SM has the latest version of the 2A6M 125mm smoothbore series, the 2A46M-5. The main gun enables the vehicle to fire 4 types of ammunition to engage targets at varying ranges.
1. HEF (High-Explosive Fragmentary) to a range of 12km
2. GM (Guided Missile) the Refleks anti-tank missile to a range of 5km
3. APDS (Armour-piercing discarding sabot) to a range of 3km
4. HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank) to a range of 3km

Gee......HEAT range of 3km......that's a bit ( sarcasm ..) shy of what we credit it for now

IF ( if....really BIG "if" ) that is correct that is considerably LESS than we credit the guns performance ...and it's derivatives now

Sabot range of 3 km is 60 in game.....right now the 125mm Gun 05 and the Armatas 125mm Gun 16 is 130......that is a HUGE difference that will need further investigation......IF that info above is indeed correct it has " game changer " written all over it. The ONLY value listed there that matches what we use in the game now is the range of the Refleks

wonderful.......just ing wonderful......

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