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Default 3.10 Items, Battlefield, Spells, System

  • VANISHING SCALES: The infamous and elusive vanishing scales bug from Dom2. Strages Sanctus has managed to create a situation where this issue is 100% reproducible and has included the relevant files. Link. An older report/discussion regarding the Dom2 version is here, but it is obsolete now. UPDATE! CAUSE ISOLATED! The Vanishing Scales bug is caused by a corrupted geotable, which tells the game what provinces are neighbors. A corrupted geotable will cause ghost neighbors, which cause the problem.
  • GUI Battle Marker on 1st turn Newly created games on both newly created random maps and old maps may show the crossed swords sign of a battle having taken place in random provinces on the previous turn ? on turn 1. Selecting the province and then switching back to capital or another province removes the erroneous flag. Bug is reproducible to some degree: Start a new MP game on a map (e.g. Cradle of Dominion), attack a province on first turn, host, view turn, end turn, quit, create new game on same map, crossed swords appear in the province where you had your battle in the previous game. Observed once, repeat tests not conducted. UPDATE: This seems to be related to the scale bug, hence moved here.

  • MAPCOM #startspell <nation nbr> "spell name" Works only for 1 turn. This mod command is not supposed to be used since it cannot be made to work
  • MOD (monster/nation) Descriptions There seems to be a hard limit of 183 user defined description texts for modding units and nations in Dom3. Any more than that and the game refuses to accept new descriptions. Nation descriptions come after unit descriptions, which means that modded nations lose descriptions before units and units start losing descriptions starting from the end of the list. Spells do not suffer from this problem, since they seem to be using a different lookup table. (This report courtesy of Ich) Link
  • MOD (monster) Sprites: There is a hard limit of 110 new sprites added in mods. Any more and the game crashes. Unknown if 110 is a total limit from all enabled mods together, or the limit for how many can be included in a single mod. Discussion thread with testing info UPDATE: Link It seems like the sprite limit is determined by sprite size and quality rather than number of sprites. Above link has more information.
  • MOD Sprite Limits v3.10 Discussion Patch 3.10 breaks games with several modded nations due to sprite limits being stretched. Bug Thread Post

  • BHV Reanimation Reanimation does not match the manual. H2 reanimators cannot reanimate longdead and H3 reanimators cannot reanimate longdead horsemen (#189) even though they should. Undead H3 reanimators can reanimate longdead horsemen correctly, at least a reanimator killed and coming back as a wight mage can. It seems as if at least the higher tier reanimations are resolved according to Dom2 Holy/Unholy levels, which were one higher, unless the reanimator is undead. Undeads are considered one lvl higher when reanimating. Not sure if the manual says.
  • BHV MERC Rozuls Red Raptors: No discount for EA Caelum. A discount would make thematic sense. Only one nation can get discount. Switching from MA to EA might be an idea.
  • BHV Turn Resolution Order Casting a ritual during the same turn as Astral Corruption is cast causes caster to be attacked by horrors even though Astral Corruption should only take effect later in the turn. Is this a legitimate issue, or is there a mistake in the turn order resolution description? The astral corruption takes place in the same instance it is cast, not affecting the caster but everyone else that has not yet cast any spells that turn resolution.
  • BHV Y-key Eye of God Still not as blind as it should be, details provided earlier by PM

  • W 493 Sickle staff should be "Sickle Staff", both words capitalized
  • W 494 Bite sould be named "Poisonous Bite" on account of having debilitating poison like weapon 495
  • W 495 Poisonous Bite should be bonus, like other bites
  • W 501 Bamboo Rod should be length 2?

  • A 105 Hide Shield Should be type 4, shield, but it is type 5, body armor instead as far as the game engine is concerned.

  • U 392 Ashen Angel no undead leadership
  • U 393 Lammashta no undead leadership
  • U 547 Dead One no undead leadership
  • U 858 Jaguar (Smoking Mirror) goldcost 0 should be 60 to match other form, otherwise cost mismatch problems may occur.
  • U 1009 Holy Deep One no priest levels, should have H1
  • U 1753/1 Tuatha Warrior no forest survival, ALL other Sidhe & Tuatha have it
  • U 1792 Nemedian Sorceress should not have forestry (other Nemedians don't)
  • U 1793 Nemedian Queen should have weapon 7 Quarterstaff or 238 Magic Staff, not 9 Dagger (graphic has staff)
  • U 1794 Last Partholonian should have weapon 473 Golden Spear, not 7 Quarterstaff
  • U 1803 Uncursed Size 5 should be 6
  • U 1804 High King Size 5 should be 6
  • U 1810 Longdead Partholonian mapmove should be 3 like other human longdead
  • U 1818 Unmarked Champion should have weapon 21 Javelin, but does not
  • U 1843 Antlered One no description (probably something broken in the description file, substituting mon1843 for the monster name should fix this). Size 3, should be 2?
  • U 1844 Trainer of Heroes should have, but lacks: flying, magic (air & death), perhaps fortune telling (ref. magic and divination mentioned in description)
  • U 1845 Bakemono Chief no stealth, should have stealth(0)
  • U 1848 Mason of the Underworld Stealth value displays (+-10), so there is *something* strange with it...
  • U 1877 Renata Should have a secondary weapon besides 496 Sacred Pitcher, since that can only be used 1 time per battle. Suggest 92 Fist or 9 Dagger
  • U 1897 Feathered Serpent should have gold cost 50, because it is the shapechanged form of 1896 Lawgiver. Thus his pretender cost is 0 due to the cost mismatch. Should have Magic leadership 40 like other Feathered Serpents, currently has none. Morale should be 30 to match other form.
  • U 1894 Minister of Magic startage should probably be higher than 22
  • U 1895 Ceremonial Master should have fortune teller (3%) according to description, but does not. Startage should probably be higher than 22. No magic, should have H1.
  • U 1899 Fomorian God King should probably have precision 10 or 11 to not be too far above the precision of Fomorian King (9). Current value is 12.
  • U 1906 Rudra starts with old age (988/1000, which becomes 988/985 due to the 3F), should probably not.
  • U 1911 Defiler of Dreams is blind and still has darkvision 100.
  • Serpent Cult Hydras, wrong secondshapes and firstshapes

  • SPELL Stygian Paths still broken, cannot be used at all or causes strange behavior and kills all units being transported.
  • SPELL Dance of the Morrigans does not work. Broken in several ways. Discussion thread
  • SPELL Legions of Steel AI casts this spell repeatedly on unarmored units even though it requires a unit to be armored to work

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