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Default spob20 Yugoslavia v9

To wrap this OOB up:


UNIT 17 - rename to 37mm AT-Gun, for consistency

UNIT 18 - should be the older, short barreled 45mm M.37 AT gun

UNIT 283 - bad sabot ammo (the rounds under sabot should be AP instead)
Also, better name is PzKw 39H 735(f) since it's a tank the Germans gave to the Ustaše.

FORMATION 14 - start date should be 11/44

FORMATION 37 - purchase screen should be 4

There's no formation for arty prime movers - one is needed for the whole 1/30-12/46 period.
e.g. 4x UNIT 202 (Limber)


ZiS 42
(halftrack truck; useful since there's lots of rough terrain in the Balkans)
date: 1/45-12/46
unit class: 27

(handy for those winter battles in the Balkan mountains)
date: 1/30-12/46
unit class: 167
(can be copied from Red OOB)

Fiat-Revelli M.35 MG
(to add a bit of diversity to the Partisan MG formation)
date: 9/1941 - 12/44
unit class: 194

Fortified House
(seems like a logical addition given the guerilla war setting)
date: 9/1941 - 5/45
unit class: 0
Ideas for weapon loadouts:
119 8mm Breda M.37
107 M24 Rifle
107 M24 Rifle
93 7.92mm VZ30J

107 M24 Rifle
93 7.92mm VZ30J
158 MP38/40 SMG
85 Molotov

Patrol Boat
Source in English:

Each of them was unique, but obviously this will need to be simplified for the game. My suggestions are to narrow them down to two units:

Patrol boat, Large (based on NB-1)

Date: 10/43-12/46
Crew: 16
Size: 4-5? (dimensions 25 x 6 x 2 metres, displacement 120 tons)
Carry: 130 or so (1 platoon)
Swim: 7 (11 knots)
Radio: 90
Armour: 2-3
Icon: 434
2 pdr AT gun (WEAPON 25)
2x 20 mm Breda Mod.35 AA gun (WEAPON 147)
15 mm AAMG (WEAPON 116)
(Smoke dischargers)

Patrol Boat, Small (based on PČ-1)

Date: 10/43-12/46
Crew: 11
Size: 2? (displacement 20 tons)
Carry: 110 or so (1 squad)
Swim: 5 (7 knots)
Radio: 90
Armour: 2
Icon: 434
2x20 mm Breda Mod.35 AA gun (WEAPON 147)
2x12.7 mm Browning AAMG (WEAPON 117)


Patrol Boat (if boats are added)

3 Sleds
4 Sleds


REPLACE WEAPON 19 with 45mm obr.32/38 (see weapon 18, spob 11)
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