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Default Re: Height Maps

New version is out!

On the left hand side there's the zoom in/out control (mouse wheel works also, as does shift + mouse select)
On the right there's 5 functions from top to bottom (not all visible, hidden if they won't do anything):
  • Return the map to normal orientation (north is up)
  • Place the map grid on the current view center
  • Turn map so that the grid is not tilted (game view)
  • Download this map terrain file (see previous messages on how that works)
  • Get link to this current grid placement (for bookmarking or linking)

It's now reworked so that it will use Google API for terrain data but Google limits the amount of requests so please don't use it too much. It also limits concurrent requests so map generation is limited to 1 map at a time. Creating a map takes roughly 30 seconds and it'll always be a 160x200 map. Downloading a map does not destroy your current view unless something goes wrong (and you're shown the error message).

Other controls: shift+alt+drag = rotate map (grid stays put unless you replace the grid)

Feedback is welcome!
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