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Default Re: Dawn - Slaughter in Drepana


Nekkar III
Corporate Headquarters...

The messages were sent, and a gift of resources was offered to the Wozen empire. Of the known life forms, they were the only one who could exist with no atmosphere. Attempts had been made at repairing the relationship between the Cheththod and the empire, but they were slipping away. Nine separate empires were contacted with offers of trade treaties. Most of the races contacted breathed oxygen, carbon dioxide, or methane. The Wozen were especially courted for the possibility of migration to live on planets in the empire without oxygen. The Cheththod were the only hydrogen breathers, but if the relationship with them didn’t improve, then the only chance of their race migrating to Dawn colonies was through capture...

Drepana system
...onboard CDS Bulldog...

After warping into the system, O’Rourke detached the repair ship Melbourne and the new fast repair frigate class ship CDS Beta at the warp point with Northamptom. She then proceeded on to Drepana I with Konigsberg, and Portsmouth. They rendezvoused with North Weald and attacked the home world of the Cue Cappa.

Sam Chase began the sensor sweep and provided the information on the defenders. What he found was a complete surprise.

“Commander, I’m not sure about this, but I’m not reading any weapon platforms on the planet.”

O’Rourke blinked. “Confirm that sensors – are you sure?”

Chase was already re-scanning the planet.

“Confirmed, Commander. Drepana I has no weapon platforms on the ground. Scanning base stations..."

O’Rourke breathed a bit easier. The fact that no weapon platforms were defending a planet was always good news. The news got even better.

“Commander, the bases are not armed. They’re construction bases only. Seven ships scanned; four are inbound – destroyer class. Three ships are not moving. They’re freighters, ma’am, and they don’t appear to be crewed. There are also two armed satellites”

The Cue Cappa were unprepared. O’Rourke could hardly believe her luck. Four destroyers were a sizable force, but against a battleship, cruiser and two frigates...

“Comm, update North Weald and Portsmouth with our data. Also, signal Konigsberg.”

The communication officer opened a channel to the battleship.

“Bulldog this is Konigsberg – how can I help you, commander?”

O’Rourke wasn’t afraid of the defenders now; she was afraid of the programming on the giant ship 40 km to her rear.

“Konigsberg, mission parameter update – signal ready.”

“Ready to copy, commander.”

“Konigsberg, target update – inbound targets are hostile. All other targets neutral. Target planet threat status is neutral. Target satelites hostile, but outside engagement parameters. Confirm, Konigsberg.”

A brief pause.

“Konigsberg confirms, commander. Four hostile targets inbound. Target satellites outside engagement parameters. No other hostile targets.”

O'Rourke now deployed her force. The only concern now was keeping the enemy ships away from the troop transport.

“Konigsberg, target first hostile. North Weald and Portsmouth, target enemy satellites. McKinley, avoid target range and launch troops at your discretion. All ships execute.”

The frigates made a wide loop around the destroyers, who had to concentrate on the battleship and cruiser bearing down on them. McKinley looped the other way, out of range of the satellites and made for the planet to drop her troops. Konigsberg pulled even with Bulldog and they made for the enemy ships.

“Commander, stay behind me. We wouldn’t want casualties.”

O’Rourke suddenly remembered why she never liked that damn voice. But, the computer was right. The bulk of the battleship was a natural bunker, and no Terrans were on board it to get hurt. She didn’t answer but let the battleship pull ahead.

Sam Chase provided the details.

“Konigsberg just fired torpedoes, Commander. She’s entering the range envelope of the first destroyer...enemy has fired on point defense activated...hit! Enemy has been hit and...”

Chase was speechless for a moment as he tried to absorb the enormity what he saw.

“Commander, the destroyer!! It’'s gone.”

Konigsberg was a bit more detached about the event.

“Target negated, commander. Second hostile targeted.”

Sam Chase suddenly had the urge to scream at the enemy – begging, pleading for them to run away. He wondered what went through their minds as they saw what they faced. Inside he begged them. Run, he thought. Please!!

Konigsberg took the brunt of the destroyers fire, but her shields were regenerating almost as fast as they were being hit. The battleship fired four times. It was over.

As the warships pulled back from the planet, O’Rourke reflected back on what her commander once told her about war.

“Katherine, never forget this. The last thing you ever want in a battle is a fair fight.”

With lives to protect, she understood the meaning perfectly well. But this…could this even be called a battle? The crew was even subdued. The release of tension after emerging victorious from a life and death struggle from past battles simply wasn’t here. They were simply in awe of what had just happened. Such power was difficult to contemplate. Opposing such a power was frightening.

Wielding it was even more so...
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