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Default Re: MA Nation: Goguryeo, Smoke on the Water 0.1

In fact perhaps I should start an asian war game with the asian nations combined in a mod. Best way to get detailed feedback.
Sounds really cool. I do that kind of thing all the time on SP.

I don't really have input on the nations to use as I don't have an idea of what would be a balanced set-up. I've never played Shangrila - I'll do a search and check it out.

Could also test pyg's combiner script in putting all these together.
I'm interested if it works well. I couldn't get the other to work for me (and I'm more comfortable editing by hand, anyway).

I have another mod that's finished except for balancing and sprites. I'm really hating doing these sprites because they aren't humans and I can't seem to get even one I like (trust me, my standards are very low).

Does anyone think it's worth it to release the mod without custom sprites, like my first one?
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