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Default Re: IdUpdater: Image based province definition updater

I wrote a longer text thing but:

It will write every single line in a .map file - possibly modified if needed - except:
- Anything that references to a province number will be skipped if the province was removed
- Anything under province commands and commander commands in the mapping manual except #land and #setland will be skipped after a #land or #setland was skipped due to a removed province until a new #land or #setland is encountered. I think these commands will be also skipped if they are in the file before any #land or #setland.

This means that a bad placement of god definitions COULD remove all the commander commands used in defining the gods. God defining scenarios that need editing are in a minority anyway, so just cut the definitions, run the tool and paste them back in. Or alternatively put them after #land/#setland stuff and make sure the last #land/#setland won't be removed.
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