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Default Re: Replenishment

From the manual:

Replenishes ammunition expended. Both supplier and customer must be halted and in range for the supply unit (see below). Helicopters must land to be resupplied.
AMMO CANISTER, crew is 1 and speed must be 0, usually transportable, supplies small ammo only (to WH size 4), low supply points per move (20 ammo points) (Originally the ammo box icon for this was done only for a particular WinSPWW2 scenario using German paras (who only dropped armed with pistols), but left in for specialised scenario usage). Range 1 hex.
AMMO DUMP, 6 or more men, speed must be 0, loadcost>49, an ammo dump supplies at lower rate (~1/2 rate) at 2 hexes range, full rate at 1 or less, has more supply per move (60 ammo points)
Anything else is a normal ammo truck (even if armoured), 40 ammo supply points per move. Range 1 hex.
NB, ammo units no longer supply points to an infinite number of 'customers' as in previous SP games, they supply one customer until it is topped off, then move on to the next. The order will be in unit list order (units further up the roster will be supplied first). You cannot cluster an entire company round 1 ammo truck and have all load equally any more.
Ammo resupply is based on the Warhead size, WH 1 rifle ammo gets more rounds resupplied than a size 10 missile say.
When destroyed, ammo units may generate secondary explosions in their own and nearby hexes. These are effectively 1000lb bomb bursts.
You cannot play the old SP2 trick of loading a hovering missile firing helo from an ammo truck beside it - helicopters now need to land to resupply!.

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