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Default Re: Replenishment

(The Game Guide is the manual for the game, and is launched by going to the Help tab of the Game Launcher programme and clicking on the "game Manual" button, which will launch the Game Guide in your browser).

Try Game Guide ->Playing WinSPMBT Tutorial link (on the LHS) to go to the tutorial section.

The Tutorial section of the GG walks you through the game tutorial scenario turn by turn, so as these appear in turn 6, scroll down to the paragraphs detailing turn 6 or so, and hey presto! - in the segment entitled "Turn 8 to End Game" there is a section with the title "Ammo Resupply". Read that and you should be up to speed.

Unit classes are found in the "MBT Unit Classes" section - click that link and scroll down till you find the unit class you are interested in. There may be specific mention of a unit classes quirks made there.

The other way to find things in the game Guide is to use your browser's search function on likely strings, like "ammo carrier" "supply" etc.

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