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Originally Posted by DRG View Post
Originally Posted by dmnt View Post
Oops, armor values seem to be wrong, too.

Modify: Unit 321, End date 12/2002
Modify: Unit 322, Vision: 40. Copy armor data for hull (and survivability) from Leo 2A4 unit.
Add: Copy of current Unit 321 with Vision 40, start date 1/2000 to represent the ItPsv 90 AA vehicles after TI installation.
You twice mentioned "Copy of current Unit 321 with Vision 40, start date 1/2000" but neither time did you specify an end date and to avoid this dance again next year that end date would be worth knowing...otherwise I have to assume it's 12/115[/quote]

Correct, the non-TI unit ItPsv 90 AA (T-55M based) should be spanning 1/1991-12/2002 and TI equipped version 1/2000-12/2015.
Leo2 should then be 1/2016-12/2025.
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