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Fallout Re: Jets & Planes but no UAV's here.

News of last week.

Well for a thread I was hesitant to start it's been the most active in development of new systems and procurement and I think could have the most inputs for the 2011/2012 campaign.

1. I will slow down on the F-35 but it met a major milestone this week and there arose an issue in procurement with Canada. But the program I feel is all of a sudden out of the woods, it's amazing how cutting a few high profile programs will motivate others to get their poop together. And I'm all about motivation. So I'm going to limit things to major milestones, projected procurement issues and fielding of the F-35.

A. I'm in this group to some small degree (As some might guess.) but it goes to what I mentioned above.

1. The first production F-35 makes a successful flight.

I really like the above site he's not afraid to put his opinions out there with the information to back it up.

2. Canada debating the procurement of the F-35 due to cost delays against budget for it.

B. India could come to a decision this week in the MMRCA program.
This will represent one of the largest procurement programs ever made if the numbers hold. And that procurement goes beyond just jets to include weapons and support.

C. Chinese J-20 not all that, at least for now?

D. Frances A400M on the cusp to reach production.

E. S. Korea to step up it's FX-111 procurement program by one year in lue of N. Korea military overt actions and force build up and modernization programs.

F. As a reminder let's not forget as I've mentioned elsewhere that the PAK-FA Su-50 [b]is not[b] just a Russian program, it's a joint one that India is very happy to be a part of given recent events with China and the J-20 (See above and on earlier posts here.). A second PAK-FA has just successfully taken to the skies this past week.
Unfortunately when they update you get the poor mans version.
Click image for larger version

Name:	AIR_PAK-FA_First_Flight_lg.jpg
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G. This next makes me feel just this was not intended to happen but as I mentioned in the MBT thread earlier today the British SDSR plan is cutting deeper than originally planned. The HARRIER was sacrificed (All retired in Dec. 2010.) in the view that the TORNADO was the more viable solution until the F-35 become available to the RAF and RN. This past week it was announced that 13 AND 14 Squadron(s) will be disbanded and stood down on 1 June 2011. And the beat goes on.
Click image for larger version

Name:	TORNADO 13 and 14 Squadrons disbanded by June 2011..jpg
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H. A little supposition on my part on the destination the first is fact based. Russian had intended that Libya would be the first export country to get the very capable Su-35. But with the current UN sanctions in place the deal has been canceled for now. Like the S-300 meant for Iran don't be surprised if the Su-35 doesn't go to Venezuela as well.
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Done for another week, hope you all have a great one!!

Follow up for the FX-111 program AND 2011/2012 campaign.

Noticed when "timed out" as happened with this post and an earlier one, when logging back in (Using the middle box, not the log in at upper right.) and hoping
something is there, it now is, the full post where left off at.
Somebody must have fixed something so thank you from this "hunt and peck" (I was tempted.) person.

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