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Default RoRlum (Late Caelum)

Anyone tried them out yet?

I've been tinkering with them today, and while I see their advantages but, ah, how to say it, somehow I can't make it work.

I've been trying out stuff like a E4 A4 Titan, Blue Dragon, Imprisoned PoD with D9 E4.

Early expansion has seemed to tick along as well as it can as Caelum without Wingless/Mammoth combo, but usualy when I have gotten enough resources to mass those sacred tincans I've started to really tick with them, especially with that PoD.

But then I hit a point where I must invade my closest neighbour or then I get invaded and suddenly my plans don't seem to quite work out.

I've tried meeting enemies on the field with a mix of archers, tincans & mammoths and Iron Crows with hold & attack rear, I've tried sending skelespamming squads protected by IC's to enemy rear doesn't quite work. Usualy it ends with IC's getting slayed in massive numbers, but I'm quite sure it would happen with every Caelian unit, the winglesscans excluded.

Perhaps it has been just bad luck, or then I am a bad player.

How would you play RoR Caelum? What would you aim for in research? I've been doing Evoc 2 - Ench 3 - Conj 2 routine for start but I feel rather underpowered with it for some reason. How many D2 Harabs you'd send against an enemy province to skelespam, or would you send any at all?

Help plz.

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