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Default Re: RoRlum (Late Caelum)

I don't usually play Caelum.

But usually, sending in anything but Mamoths of their standard troops in melee is trouble. Since their infantry is quite fragile compared to their cost.

So use archers, and a _lot_ of Caelian seraphs. With evocation level 2 you should be able to spamm lightning all over the enemy turf.

Later on, add one or two Harab elders with Thunderstrike (lvl 4 evo) to this.

I haven't tried this yet, but placing a storm general a bit ahead of your serapths with a couple of earthbounds set on guard commander should give you 2-3 more combat turns for your archers and mages to take down any even sized enemy. Their protection is high enough, 19, that they should be able to withstand enemy archer fire.
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