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Default Re: Glory v3.17 SP map, hand-named with start locs, v3.17_G11

Yes that is one of the problems with SemiRand. At the moment, the Chaos versions (totally random placement of totally randomly selected units) is more balanced which is what SemiRand was supposed to be fixing. For now, Id highly recommend an edited version with selected, placed, provinces.

WARNING: Re-Occurring Pitch coming::
As much as we have tried to get new players interested in doing at least ONE province, most of what we get are public postings by more experienced players. They seem leary of posting anything mediocre so what we get are great povinces but many tend toward almost a complete scenario description of a player-vs-AI game.

They are useful but someone (yes I know, its on my list) needs to be willing to generate lots and lots of "just interesting" provinces to be scattered into the mix. Like a province for "Lollipop Guild", or a witch with flying monkeys. Nothing too exciting or profitable, just a smile to run across it in a game.

I suppose that could get out of hand also. And a rating system would be good. But like many of the various "rating" projects the problem is having such a wide opinion in this community. You probably couldnt have the author themself do the rating of their own province. Maybe the GANLIST.txt file could accept a second variable on each line for a rating so that people could do their own rating lists and offer them in the forum.
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