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Originally Posted by Suhiir View Post
Interesting that they didn't use flechettes for the M1028 then if they're that much better. Cost I assume. The demo I saw in '75 was one ripping up a bunch of baloons, so not exactly hard to damage targets.
I think there are a number of factors for going to tungsten the range is greater, double or thereabouts...another ( and I think this is a big part of why they only lasted a short time) is the propaganda value their use gives the enemy .The Isrealis have had to deal with that when they used civilian get injured and there is hell to pay
I think the M1028 is probably.....but I'm only guessing...more "controllable"

Grape shots been used for centuries....little tiny arrows seem to be perceived that differs in anyway from a suicide vest stuffed with nails I guess depends on what side of the fence you are standing
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