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Default Re: Infantry AT Weapons

Hi Cross
Excellent post.
I have a little to add,
Here are ian hoggs penetration rating for these weapons I would like to see these implemented.

"PIAT= 75mm"
"2.36" Bazooka = 80mm"
"Panzerfaust 30/60 =200mm (at 30 degrees)"
"88mm Panzerschreck = 100mm"
Ian V. Hogg in 'The Encyclopedia of Infantry Weapons of World War II'
These are I believe the weapons effective penetrations. For the often quoted "maximum" penetrations the resulting hole and "blast" delivered through it were minor. Many other site agree with this set of penetration values.

As regards the PIAT accuracy two good arguments can be made for it to retain a lesser accuracy than the Bazooka, Panzershreck and even Panzerfaust.
from your references about PIAT,
"An extremely heavy trigger pull impaired accuracy"
ie tensing up your hand/arm to pull the trigger is the very opposite of what you need to do to get off a good shot, that is, relax.
"and the weapon (PIAT) tended to kick very violently when fired"
As regards the latter of course Bazooka, Panzershreck and Panzerfaust all have no recoil making them relatively more accurate.

Penetration values Of interest from your reference
"75 mm of armour at 100 meters" (PIAT)
"The Panzershreck had a maximum effective range of 150 metres, penetrating 100 mm thick armour"

Best Regards Chuck.
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