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Lightbulb Re: Infantry AT Weapons

Good day all,

Just to add my 2 shekels worth. Stats from testing and use in battle, especially for hand-held weapons would most definitely differ. From every thing I've seen all these weapons took a good deal of nerve and no small measure of luck to use. They were issued to give Joe or Hans footslogger some anti-armour capability, more to point to give them the belief that they had some chance against armour. To be sure the weapons we are discussing were also developed with giving these guys some standoff range, compared to earlier AT weapons.

With all this said I concur that the solution would most likely be to go with reducing the ranges of these weapons and bumping the PIAT back to 150. IMHO it would inject a little more realism, another solution would be to keep the ranges at the tested ranges but lower the accuracy. The later method would still make it a weapon that to be effective will still require getting in close and still retain the ability for people to break cover and try the training manual's advertised long range shot. And then find out the holy hull it would bring down on their heads!! LOL

While it's nice to be able to reach out touch someone with these weapons I wouldn't pock at toning them down. This sure is not some kiddy arcade version of WWII!

Bob out
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