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Default Re: SP23Ed for SPWW2?

Originally Posted by Imp View Post
Originally Posted by lukerduker123 View Post
Finally, unit data can be exported to and imported from a spreadsheet so that fields not directly accessible from SP23Ed can be easily changed.
Does that mean that I can create an OOB on one map and copy-paste it to another in less than five minutes? Man, that'd be swell.
Not an OOB but same units even if modified can you not just save it as a scenerio change/modifythe map and save as another scenerio.
Much like a user campaign.
So, to make sure I understand this:

Let's say I have a platoon lead by a guy named Tim. If I used this feature it'd copy over his platoon, along with the stats of his units (Morale, experience, ect)? I don't expect it to use the kill-counter, of course.
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