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Default Re: What's the point to this game?

I'm new on this base, but I'll tell you what I think - I started playing Strange Adventures in Infinate Space last week (didn't know there had been a new version released). Loved it so much I bought WW too.

There is a concrete goal - accumulate the most money by gaining technology and discoveries. The time limit is solid - you miss it and you blow the game. Sure you can wander around, just as I can play a game for the German invasion of Russia in WW2 and run my counters in circles.

As a freelance writer, I love this game - it gives me a solid 10-15 minute break to clear my head. Its fun and dosn't take hours and hours of micromanagment. And, like any good solitare game, its about taking a number of components and using them in ways to maximize your return.

Really, in the long view, what's the point of any game. It all vanishes when the computer is turned off.
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