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Default Re: SE5 Modding: Variable and functions wishes

I would like some over ride Functions for Component

Forced Target := Self ( Will apply weapon effect to target) Will not override the weapons target just what it affects)

Forced Range := ( Any Range Group)

Forced Range := [%Range%] = (3>= or 9<= )
So this weapon will only fire at targets that are 30ls - 90ls in range

Forced Range := "Point Blank" ,"Optimum Range", "Maximum Range", "Short Range"

Forced Fire := ( Self, Target, Friendly" ) (OnHit, Time,)(Damage, Range, Shield)

So it would look something like this

Forced Fire:= Self, Onhit =([%Damage%] = (25%,>=)) <--- this would check the total damage of Self When Hit, If Damage >= 25% Fire or Use Component

Really these are just for me to make a component I have been wanting since SE3

With these as viable options in the Component file, I can make a Component that will cause the ship to teleport if missiles are inbound and PD is not stopping them or if the Ship/Base/Fighter has taken Damage.
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