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Some content moved to this post because of the character limit, so Valerius can keep maintaining the Strategy Index.

Dom3 (& CBM) Item Forging Reference
Dom3 DB Version 3.20
The Unofficial Reorganized Modding Manual v3.17 This link is obsolete after the official modding manual was revised.
Lies My Rulebook Told Me Discussion of manual errors and inaccuracies
Wraithlord's dominionsKB ver 0.51
Unit Buffs Quick reference
Site Searching Quick Reference
Max Path to Search By
Complete List of Mercenaries, Mercs, Mercenarys
Spell database - Web interface Thread and link to Snoddasmannen's online Dom3 spell DB
New version of catgod for Dom3.20

Strategy Wiki Thread
Alexander's Ever-Expanding Tome of Knowledge, pt 2
Magic Path Booster Guide
Site Searching Strategy
Looking for advice on site searching
The Art of Placement
Intercepting Armies
Help countering trampling monsters
How to deal with elephants
Guide to communions
Urgent Thug advice needed
Equipment: which to use and what to avoid?
Some Old Age Tests
Growth and Death by the Numbers
Maths problem: fatigue vs critical hits
Fortress to Province ratio
Minimum dominion?
Keeping Helpful Enemy Dominion Alive...
Fear mechanics
Countering End-Game Astral
Prophet Transformations

NEW 12/27
Did you know that? (Dominions trivia)
Epaminondas' Miscellaneous Questions
Sieged fort questions
Archers,Precision & Shields
Exploits, New and Used
Pretenders' Bible - participate!
Defending your candles
E9n9 Bless
A couple of sneaky tricks
Blood Indies
Best ways to poach mages...
EA Ermor healing and healing mechanics
Concerning LA Ryleh/Ermor: To what degree can growth counter killerdom?
Best Magic Path Synergies?
Best way to push dominion?

Equipment for Elemental Royalty
Counter to Darkness?
Counter to darkness spell?
How to deal with Darkness?
Wish for a Demon Lord
What SC do you wish for?

NEW 12/27
Legions of Steel - can someone explain me this?
Sermon of courage
Transformation questions
Gloves of the Gladiator...
Does the spell rage work on monster type units like elephants and trogolytes?
Any "summon earthpower" type spell for death magic?
Enchantment Bonus?
Flaming Weapons: Magical attack?
Does Fire Weapons not apply to magic weapons?
Is it useful to cast Storm when you have dominant battle magic?
Curious: Ritual of Return+Rebirth?
2 things I don't get (fire/frost brands, earthquake)
Is there any benefit to casting Word of Power over Smite?
Tunes of Running Away
Halt sacred effect?
Arcane Domination
When casting remote attack spells...
Water magic

An introduction to Arga Dis, Blood and Bronze
Enter the Rat Race A Skaven Strategy Guide

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