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Default Re: Noobs & Vets: Rise of the AI Menace. EA, BI, Recruiting.

Originally Posted by pyg View Post
I've been following this thread for a bit and have interest in playing. I had a lot of fun with Sept. S., rdonj, and the gang in NvV I, a quick defeat in Yanging, and bailed out of boredom in a third game (Blood nations something). I have fairly considerable SP experience so I think I fall somewhere between intermediate and noob. I would be especially interested in being on a team with rdonj (please play) as I felt we had a good thing going in NvV I.

I also have some modding ability and can help there if needed.
Haha. With a personal request like that, I guess I can't say no. I thought you'd left us though, pyg. Well, I'm probably a low intermediate player myself, so if you want to say you're a noob, we can play on the same team

I think we're going to have trouble getting vets to play in this game though. Many of them are pretty busy as of late, and NvV burned out quite a few of them. Plus I can't see vets really wanting to kill AIs. It might be best to just have intermediate players and noobs, the game would have a better chance of getting off the ground that way I think.
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