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Default Re: Please respond Shrapnel

It's very rare to find a turn-based squad-level game. This game should really shine on its niche market. I'd very much like to play such game, with elegant graphics, not just military icons & symbols as in John Tiller's "Squad Battles".

Unfortunately, decades of waiting (and very few and far between words about it) still don't seem to bring this game for a release.

P.S: There's a good-old squad-level, WW2 game called "Soldiers", released in 2006 I believe. It's real-time and 3D top-down, but can be paused to give orders to each of your soldiers. Scenarios & campaigns range from Normandy to Russia, I think this is a very good alternative while we're *waiting* for this 82nd to be released.

I find the game very satisfying for playing small-team infantry tactics (3 to 6 men), here's my quick & dirty playthrough with it (using Hard mode and Fog of War for better realism):
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