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Default Re: Windows 10

There will be nothing special - windows 8/10 is less hassle than 7.

Just ensure that you are installing to c:\shrapnel games\game name \... as detailed in the game installation section of the Game Guide.

If you have a modern CD then that new path is baked in, but much older CDs will still have the old c:\program files\shrapnel games\game name\... default path which does not work properly post windows XP.

Therefore if you have the old path, you will have to delete the \program files element of the installation path manually so it installs to the c:\shrapnel games\game name\.. folder under C: and not under \program files\...

Also get the latest patches from the shrapnel site, as those have the new path baked in, like the newer batches of CD installations do. Old patch files you may have had lying around on your HD may still have the old path baked in, the new ones do not, and the new ones are consolidations of several smaller olde-time patches as well.

Since it is a laptop, it will have a wide screen, so use windowed mode and set resolution to desktop since yo have the CD version. If that all works fine, then you may later try full-screen mode if so desired, but that mode is depreciated (it was only for old DOS computers with square resolutions).
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