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Default Re: winSPMBT V11 upgrade for 2017

Originally Posted by Mobhack View Post
Units which manually turn to face a new hex may now draw opfire. This affects both infantry and vehicles at different ranges and there are random variables we tossed in to make in unpredictable but generally ( and the randoms we added really do mean "generally" ) in hex infantry movement could possibly attract opfire from enemy units up to 3 -5 hexes away (generally...). Vehicles shifting hull or turrets around could attract opfire from enemy units up to 10 hexes away ( and maybe a bit more... ). And all that depends on the enemy's training , morale, suppression level, vision rating and battle visibility etc. AS WELL AS your units training , morale, suppression level, visibility etc.. This new game feature was originally intended to stop players from turning their tanks in place to present their heaviest armour towards the most likely threat without attracting enemy attention. That was expanded to include swinging the turret as obviously that kind of movement if spotted by the enemy would naturally draw fire in a real battle situation and then that was expanded to include infantry as well. The bottom line is if you just want to "look around" to check your LOS use the } hotkey otherwise you risk drawing unwanted attention to your unit .
I have now replaced the preference for "Move and Shoot" with a switch for this feature, for those few players who might prefer to play the old way.

"Move and shoot" option was not used by anyone - likely not even if they were letting their 5 year old play!. The bits of code for move/fire deductions that referenced that "feature" are removed now.

Its under test at the moment but there doesn't seem to be any problems with it.
I am confused about the switch and what it does. Can you please explain, it looks like I am going through a phase.
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