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Default Re: game Preferences settings

Hi All,

Breakdowns on. Hex grid off, all else standard except:

1) I always play tank heavy, and although it really seems to make little difference playing against some enemies, it also pretty much guarantees that I will need to think about my ammo resupply playing against those nations that do have a lot of armour. It means I have to be really careful siting anti tank guns and making sure I have enough supporting infantry in delay/defend scenarios. It also means that I must have effective supporting artillery if I am going to break up a large armoured attack, and that I must be prepared to move mobile units around and think about relocating them before they are at risk of being ever overrun.

2) The only other tweak I do is to crank up the artillery to 150% effectiveness for both me and the AI. Artillery is "Queen of the Battlefield" after all, and at 150% infantry more readily "go to ground" and armour is more easily damaged and upset. I like to think that artillery has a more profound psychological impact than the standard setting of 100% seems to provide.

I sometimes wonder that if I had not selected Tank Heavy, whether or not 150% artillery would be necessary - maybe I just like artillery!

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