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Default Re: Fomoria - Where is your God now? (AKA - The Other Giant Meat)

Well, the thing with a W bless is it fatigues you out quicker, but you do still get the same number of attacks as you would otherwise (assuming no reinvig). So, if you've got giants who deal enough damage to reasonably expect to kill their targets every other hit or so they can still chew through 5-10 times their own number before fatigue is a real problem, no different than without the W bless. For the kings, the ratio is much, much higher assuming you equip, say a frost brand and boots of the messenger. Even if the reinvig doesn't match the encumbrance, you can still comfortably chew up scores of PD singlehandledly and hang in big battles for the first dozen turns. True, you're not going to be able to go into those situations which drag into turn 40 of combat, but this doesn't limit you as much as you might think - you just have to make sure your damage outlay is sufficient to keep things from dragging on.
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