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I have my books in a mess right now (I have moved), but the information on giving away 25mm guns to the British in late 1940 was IIRC from "Bojowe szlaki pustynne". The brigade must have been supplied with other (or maybe even the same) guns in a training period in early 1941. As a result, a lifespan of 25mm guns could be extended to 7/41.

In Tobruk there were no 25mm guns, because the Brigade was moved by the sea without heavy equipment, and got Bofors (and Italian) AT guns there. There was an interesting book "Od Kocka do Źródła Gazeli" by Mieczysław Pruszyński, who was a commander of one motorized AT platoon.

Later the brigade used eg. 5cm Pak-38, but it was probably during later reorganization period.