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Default Re: Any Battle Requests?

Andrew - There are a couple of Actual battles in Christopher Lloyd's book 'Lord Cochrane" that are exciting, and do not involve too many ships. Of particular note is the chapter entitled the 'Cruise of the Speedy'. It Takes place off the South Eastern Coast of Spain. In fact the first Aubrey-Maturin Novel borrows heavily from precisely those battles. In fact O'Brian borrows heavily from Lord Cochrane's life through out the entire series.

Regarding Beta testing: I will have some time this summer (between World cup soccer games) to beta test anything for you. I'm not a computer geek, nor actually that of a good of a gamer, But I do like playing Salvo because I do enjoy the Napoleonic war period, both fiction and nonfiction.

FYI I play on a 20" Imac (1.8 G5) . I purchased Salvo directly from Shrapnel games so I am not aware of any downloadable patches if any. Let me know if I can be of service.
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