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Sometimes I come across improvements to weapons such as rifle scopes etc, mod changes to weapons, new weapons and organizational changes to a countries infantry makeup such as the one posted Pg. 8 Post #77 in the Jets & Planes Thread concerning Australia's BEERSHEBA Program. Some of these might be useful to you game design folks, others for possible inclusion into the game if warranted based on the information given in general and others will now be included on my Patch Page as well of which I already have my first one for next year. Though my dad served in the USA from 1941 to 1969 and was everywhere the USA was "active" from Italy, Austria, Korea to the NAM and never really much talked about those "exotic" places I'll never fully understand the "ground pounder" mentality, though some would say "bubble-heads" are just mental. Anyway I have a better understanding of things that go clank, boom, swish, and whump. So I leave it to those that are or were to decide the usefulness of this information that reside in our WinSPMBT/WinSPWW2 world.

First up is the Russian formally known as the AK-200, now the AK-12. The AK-12 was designed for the export market but now with a significant increase in defence spending over the next few years the Russian military/police is currently evaluating it for the army. Besides the standard ability to shoot the "other guys" ammo apparently it'll be able to mount their grenade launchers as well.

The USA to withdraw two BCTs over the next two years from Europe.

Mr. Carl-Gustaf M3 joins the USA for the first time.


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