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Default Re: Bug thread

Arralen said:
Endoperez said:
[img]/threads/images/Graemlins/Bug.gif[/img] Adding descriptions to mods doesn't work properly. New lines entered in all text editors (tested on Notepad and Wordpad) don't start new paragraph; they seem to act as spaces. Also, the last #description command in the mod is used as the mod's description, even if the said command is actually a monster's description. This forces the modder to put the description of the mod to the very end of the mod.
Can't 2nd this. Use Unix-type linefeeds/newlines, that may help.

You need 2 newlines (an completly empty line) to get paragraphs in the description window. 'was this way in Dom2 as well.

If the #description does not work properly, you might have left out a " somewhere...
I didn't notice any missing quote marks in the Anansi mod I posted to the mod forum. All three descriptions started and ended properly, or at least I didn't notice anything out of order.
Regarding newlines: it just doesn't work for me. Didn't work in DomII either. It could well be problem with Notepad and Wordpad and the way they handle newlines.
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