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Default Re: My first public mod.

sgqwonkian has a lot of stuff on his hands, and so; it hasn't always been easy for me to get in touch with him either, in the past few months. He will eventually respond, but it could take some time.

If you want, I could dig up a copy of WW from my non-broken machine and look over your mod, to see if I can find the problem. I don't have anything better to do with Weird Worlds right now anyway, since the computer that broke down is my main development machine and I don't have access to Odd Adventures v003 right now.

Other than looking at it in person, I'm afraid I can only give you general advice: 1) SDL relates primarily to sound and graphics, I think, and sgqwonk once said that those are the primary causes of most WW crashes. Thus, it's most likely a problem with either the graphics themselves, or, more probably, an item that tries to reference a picture that doesn't exist.

(When I say "doesn't exist", I mean in the eyes of the game. A misplaced colon, parentheses, or letter could ruin the game's ability to find a graphic file.)

2) Since your mod presumably stopped working at some point, it makes sense to go back to the last-modified items, look over them, and see what's different from normal Weird Worlds, or other mods that work. I've often compared my mod to things that do work, when I experience bad as WW's documentation can be sometimes, that's a key step of any bug-fixing process.

3) If you do everything above, and look through everything and none of it seems to have any problems, I guess you could just remove files into special "debug" folders, one at a time, until the mod finally loads. When it does, take another look at the last item you removed; that'll almost undoubtedly be the source of the problem.

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