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Shield Some tips for players who are new to Bronze

The following gives some advice for new players. If you are struggling to win, you may find some useful information here.

Playing as the Sumerians

The Sumerians are masters of culture. They do not win with Armies and brute force. Instead, they are all about converting their enemies with Ziggurats. Not only are the Sumerians one of the few early civilizations that get a Ziggurat, but they get it for only a cheap 2 silver. Since Bronze is all about grabbing territory, the most powerful move you can make is to grab territory that belongs to your enemies. Essentially, with one stone, you are killing two birds! You acquire additional land while depriving your enemies of the lands they possess.

The Ziggurat works well in combination with Towns. Use Towns early on before you encounter your enemy. Then, follow them up with Ziggurats once you are close enough to convert the enemy lands. Don’t forget about deposits. You should always strive to build Villages next to deposits early in the game. If possible, it’s a good idea to cut off your enemy, so that he does not get a chance to build his own Villages next to deposits.

Since most of your enemies don’t have a Ziggurat, your Farms are safe from enemy conversion. You can take advantage of this fact and use Farms to block your enemies. This is especially effective against the Gutians, who have no way of overcoming your Farms. The Akkadians do have a Palace, but it will cost them dearly.

Playing as the Akkadians

The Akkadians don’t have a Ziggurat. Take a deep breath. This is a big deal, certainly. Your best Sumerian strategies are not going to work now. However, you do get to play with a Palace, so there is some hope yet. In fact, the Palace is an incredibly powerful building that can turn the tide in a single move. Still, you will need to plan accordingly. Save money. The magic number is 5 silver. When you have that, a new Palace is on its way.

The Akkadians get Armies for only 2 silver, so you should be using them more often. Just not against the Gutians! Be ware of the Sumerian Ziggurats. Don’t get into a conversion battle with them. They will win because their Ziggurats are cheaper than your Palace. Instead, cut them off from deposits and use non-Farm buildings against them.

Winning as the Akkadians will require a more strategic use of terrain. Place Armies to convert enemy Bridges to keep your parts of the map safe. Also, remember that Citadels, Hills, and Palaces all protect your buildings. Ultimately, victory will come down to making money from the deposits. You can’t afford to slowly build Farms to raise income. You need the Stone, Copper, and Tin to quickly raise the cash needed for Palaces.

Good luck!
Alex Kutsenok
Dreamspike Studios
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