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Default Re: Some tips for players who are new to Bronze

I thought I would post a few things that have helped me along so far. Even though all races play differently I play the Sumerians differently than what Alex recmomends. I use armies as much as I can to take over enemy tiles.

I play on "Easy" for the record. My favourite part of the game is the campaigns, followed by custom maps. Survival mode is too hard for me at this stage so I am avoiding it. In the future I would like to see larger campaigns with more maps per campaign with more emphasis on map play order rather than harder maps to win.

Anyway below are a few things to add that may or may not work for everyone.

Sumerians and Akkadians My Favorite Races
With the Sumerians the official line is try not to use armies too much, but for me I use then as often as I can to take over enemy tiles
Akkadians, my favorite race, but I find it a very hard balance, on 4 points, do I place a citadel to shore up my winnings or risk going for 5 coins to get a palace to grab more land. I am often loosing or winning by a few points and one wrong decision seems to either make or break it for me.

Desert Maps
I find these the hardest because you normally can not take multiple tiles with your buildings. The easiest way to take multiple tiles on a desert map in to take over buildings adjacent you tiles. But since most building on desert maps end up being citadels or similar that can not be taken these opportunities are rare, but worth watching for.

River Maps
With river maps often the river goes somewhere near the centre. If you can grab one or two tiles on the other side then block the AI from your side you have a good chance to win.
I place a bridge then a citadel or similar that can not be retaken. Then grab one more tile if possible then try to block the enemy from getting to my side, by getting farm land along the river and keeping enough coins to place an army next to the AI’s bridge to take it back from them. So on river maps always have enough for armies to block the AI from crossing.

Map Order to Play
Often I pick the maps to play in the wrong order. If possible I try to start with maps that have 4 different players.
I concentrate on trying to hold only half the map or less and beating one opponent and let the other duke it out. IE get half way across the map, hold and block while trying to beat the opponent I think I can beat the easiest.

When looking at the campaign map you have to select where to start. So pick an easy one at one end of a line of maps so as you beat the maps you get an extra starting point on the next map in the series. After awhile you can guess where maps will open up as the campaigns progress. This saves trying to win maps that are very hard without the extra starting positions that open up as you beat adjacent maps.

My normal play style is to expand then try to block a tight line to keep the opponent out. Works sometimes
But when playing the Gutians I need to keep my forward line more open to be able to use the free armies. If I play too tight I end up with no tiles in which to place the free armies.

Hopefully more people will tips that have helped them win.

Regards MarkL
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