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Default Re: Some tips for players who are new to Bronze

The Gutians's are a little tricky to play as and against. The issue with them is an inability to convert farms - at all! Playing against them, a city gives you a great buffer - stops them in their tracks. Be very careful about getting your buildings close to them - they'll snap them right up with free armies.

Playing as them, its pretty much the reverse stratagy - you need to get close fast and convert as many buildings as you can. Sometimes I'll advance with army tiles, in hopes whoever I'm fighting will try to take them from me, inviting me to retake both my and their camps.

For all races, I often find myself rushing forwards with farms to get close, then plopping a citidel when I'm right on them. This lets me build buildings within its coverage, meaning I'll not get converted. If we get into a squabble over this, so much the better to have to over towards their side of the map.

Still learning though.
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