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Default Re: The Dominions 3: \"Wishlist\"

I don't really wish for more nations, more units, more spells, or more items. I mean, sure that would be nice (once all the balance issues get ironed out), but it isn't something I really wish for. I've been playing dom2 for around a year, and at the current rate, it will be several more years before I've tried out all the current nations, learned about all the current summonables, etc.

So, while I expect more stuff (due to Illwinter's admirable philosophy), and I intend to enjoy the new stuff, it isn't really a priority for me.

If given the choice between "Dom 2 THREE DEE" with the exactly current gameplay (plus patches and mods) but fancy graphics, or "Dom 3" with exactly the current graphics but a bucketload of new stuff, I might go ahead and play Dom 2 THREE DEE for at least a few months.

I know this makes me sound shallow and ignorant, to say it in this crowd, but somebody's gotta speak up for the shallow and ignorant masses who might buy lots of copies of "Dom 2 THREE DEE" and thus put lots of money into the pockets of Illwinter and Shrapnel.

Just to be clear, I would much rather play Dom2 as is than play a prettier game with worse gameplay. It's just that there has to be a point of diminishing returns in adding units. When do you stop? Eventually you can have so many units that most players are unfamiliar with most of them. Is that good?

At the current rate, by the time Dom3 comes out in 2005 I *might* have learned about most of Dom2's units and I might be ready to try new ones. We'll see.
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