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Default Re: Computer Lock \'n Load

I would be keen to see a computer version.

It needs to be single player AND multiplayer

Multiplayer needs to be PBEM, not continuos time

The map graphics need to be enhanced. See Uncommon Valour for adequate map graphics for top down 2D hex based games.

The hexes ought to be 2.5 meters wide – the length of a man lying pointing his rifle.

The counter graphics need updating. Actually counters are not necessary at all. Instead you want a top down view that resembles the soldiers in the computer game 101st Airborne.

They would be in 3 poses: standing, crouching and lying.

As for information, instead of having it on the counters, it would instead appear in an information screen of some sort.

Each piece of information might change colour as something happens: Green is good, Orange is medium, Red is poor and Black is bad etc

Left Click on a man, and the hexes he can move to are normal colour and the hexes he cannot move to ( because he has used up his movement points) are greyed out.

Right Click on a man and the hexes he can shoot at are normal colour those he cannot shoot at are greyed out. If range is important those hexes in “normal” range are normal colour and those at extended range are a different shade of colour.

It is important to use computers to make wargaming better. An exact duplicate for computer would be no use.

If a man throws smoke, it ought to billow – no smoke counters please. Nor should anything else be represented by counters - computer graphics is a better way.

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