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Default Re: New patch and multiplayer map pack

.... naturally, all of this depends on an AI capable of making rational choices. AI v1.05 is a huge step up from its predecessor, but it's still a major lightweight.

It builds air units, but seems to limit itself to one air attack action per turn. (Fighter can move 4 spaces and engage enemy forces in at least three nearby, but only hits one before returning home for the remainder of the turn.)

It builds naval task forces, but limits itself to one unit of each type, and NEVER builds carriers (jet or helo).

It puts a HUGE priority on building these naval task forces, pushing money into them one-ship-at-a-time if necessary, even when all hell is breaking loose as enemy forces invade or shoot those ships to pieces without effort. (Suicidal myopia.)

It builds ASW Choppers, but sends them to fight land battles, never against subs.

It builds AA Trucks and the occassional AA Emplacement for territorial defence, but it won't spend big on those units and rush them to the front when unfriendly bombers and jets start taking names and knockin' on doors.

It takes a very relaxed approach to territorial acquisition, even when neutrals are absent.

It seems to obsess over worthless territories it loses to other AI teams, even as your own forces are crushing it like a ripe grape.

It seems to limit itself to one attack per turn, and will deploy insane amounts of firepower to prosecute that attack.

For example, weenie-burger AI Green Team seizes unguarded land worth 4 Resource Points from AI Blue Team using one Infantry unit. Blue responds immediately with 3 Regular Bombers, 1 Stealth Bomber, 2 Stealth Fighters, 2 Regular Fighters, 4 Tanks, 2 Rocket Artillery, and a Bosch Kitchen Sink (stainless steel). Blue COMPLETELY ignores the dozens of tanks, fighters, and bombers that Red / Human team is assembling on its border - a border already made out of previously-Blue territories. Eh? See what happens when you contract your military leadership to Lindsay Lohan & Britney Spears?

This is just a sampler of the issues I'm seeing with v1.05. Anyone else noting other contra-intelligent design by the AI?
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