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Default Re: I need tactical help

Originally Posted by Aeraaa View Post
^So I guess there's no way it can be modified...
Not with the limited data that SSI used.

(e.g. there is no way to tell if an AP shell is actually an APDS for those cases where the sabot round is a newer version of APDS. No way to have early 17 pounder and 6 pounder have loss of accuracy due to uneven APDS petal scatter. One accuracy number to rule all the gun's data. )

Anything else would require a totally new game design with basic database changes. I've thought of that over the years - e.g. the ability to have the shillelagh tube ATGM as a round and not a separate weapon line firing a double shot at a target. Table driven accuracy charts, like normal (Challenger, WRG) 1/300 wargames rules etc.

Any such game would be completely new product of course - not an update of the old engine.

Since this is nothing to to with tactics any other discussion should be in TO&E if needed.
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