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Default Re: Cold War 2020 Mod for WinSPMBT v5.0

Update on the project:

French, Polish, Czechoslovak & Hungarian OOBs completed.

Unfortunately the OOB of Arab Countries will need an enormous amount of work.
Yes, I am fully aware that these were meant to be imaginary OOBs but still having for example Chinese weapons
in the Libyan OOB verges on the ridiculous...

Furthermore PlasmaKrab created a post 1990 East German OOB in place of Ukraine (obat79).
This unfortunately meant that you could not use his super cool new Russian tanks in a Russo-Ukranian war scenario.
So I did away with it, East Germany ends on 12/1991 and current Ukraine OOB stays.

Ah and Soviet Union now ends in 7/1991 so the Russian flag remains...
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