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Lightbulb Re: Cold War 2020 Mod for WinSPMBT v5.0

Originally Posted by iln82 View Post
Update on the project:

French, Polish, Czechoslovak & Hungarian OOBs completed.

Unfortunately the OOB of Arab Countries will need an enormous amount of work.
Yes, I am fully aware that these were meant to be imaginary OOBs but still having for example Chinese weapons
in the Libyan OOB verges on the ridiculous...

Furthermore PlasmaKrab created a post 1990 East German OOB in place of Ukraine (obat79).
This unfortunately meant that you could not use his super cool new Russian tanks in a Russo-Ukranian war scenario.
So I did away with it, East Germany ends on 12/1991 and current Ukraine OOB stays.

Ah and Soviet Union now ends in 7/1991 so the Russian flag remains...
I believe Plasma's rationale for Chinese weapons in the Mid-East and North-African OOBs had something to do with China increasingly going it's own way regarding Communism from the late 70s on. It therefore stands to reason that they would supply weapons to the Mujas in Afghanistan etc. if the USSR is involved in conflicts over there. After all in this alt reality the Soviets are still a going concern and IRL the USSR and the PRC did not get on all that well from the 70s onwards.

I think you should give people the option of having the DDR (NVA) after December 1991. The more options the end user has the better. Trust me. I know a thing or two about giving them options. It is a bit more work - the NVA OOB was substantially modified, if memory serves - but the community will thank you for it in the end.

I also believe that, if you want to continue in the spirit of the mod changing the USSR into the Russian Federation after July 1991 is a little ... well ... counter productive.
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