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Default Does fire spread?

Does fire spread? If not, why not? I was in a wildfire recently, and while watching it nearly destroy all that I held dear I realized just how fast a fire in dry terrain can spread. In less than ten minutes it engulfed roughly four hexes worth of trees, and in two hours it was covering over one-hundred hectares. Fire in dry terrain is no joke!

With this in mind, I'm surprised no massive forest fires develop over the course of a Steel Panthers game. Fire is an absolute monster, and if a lightning strike can cause such damage, imagine what a full on artillery bombardment can do! Fire in the game right now just feels.. Static. You just walk around it. What if fire spread, spreading even faster in summer months or in desert environments? A well-planned defensive line might be ruined because an artillery bombardment and bad luck sent a tidal-wave of death rolling towards the men. Truly terrifying, eh?
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