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Default Re: Arty penalty

Originally Posted by shahadi View Post
Originally Posted by carp View Post
Is there any way to shut off the artillery penalty? Most of the battles I create for myself are assault or defend against an assault. Vietnam reality was to use a wall of steel in order to defend US troops in night lager, or if they were air assaulting.

I don't mean kill the idea but I only play myself and the AI. I want to be able to make the arty call on my own. Just a switch? Maybe? I like a lot of noise.
I think you maybe able to hack the artillery overload penalty by purchasing artillery for both sides, but say in your example, for the NVP set rounds to zero, and/or set reinforcement turn higher than scenario turn. Then, the game may not assess a penalty to the American side and the AI won't use the artillery pieces of the NVP.

I think there is a chance they may counter battery fire though.

Just my view but system works well enough, certainly better than having nothing. Idea is to balance as having lots of artillery makes the battle easy and therefore your loses lower.
It does not matter if historically large amounts were used the penalty should still apply as ithe reasoning for using it was probably exactly what I just stated.
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