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Default Re: Apcalc

APCalc does not have a help file becasue there has been no need for one.....up until now but becasue it's been in the game unchanged for years we forget that everyone doesn't know how it works

Please note that it has HEAT Pen and BEST Heat pen. AP calc is solely based on game code and that shows the range of penetrations possible AVERAGED on 1000 samples for those HEAT weapons and if you click from one to another enough times you will see that those values can change slightly as the randoms built into the code come into play.

So your first example for German weapon 21--4.7cm PaK 177i in MOBHack has a nominal HEAT pen of 4.....but the IN GAME range of HEAT penetration for that round can be anything from as low as 3 to as high as 7.

There is no bug or error. What you are seeing is the normal variations for HEAT weapons in both games. What that perhaps should be named is minimum HEAT PEN ( assuming penetration occurs ) and Maximum HEAT pen possible
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