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This time I went through the entire German OOB about 74 Heat Weapons. Same pattern.
For every weapon except 1 the APCALC Heat penetration value is LESS than the Mobhack value. For 1 is is the same. If the diffence between Mobhack and APCALC were random then wouldn't you expect at least 1 APCALC value to be MORE than the Mobhack value in a sample set of 74? it never is.
The one exception is the weapon 83 flamenwerfer, but weapon 108 Flamenwerfer is like the rest one less than Mobhack, this may give you a hint as to what the discrepency is caused by.
Also interesting is that for 10.5 cm and above the difference becomes 2 less in APCALC than Mobhack. A couple of very large warheads consistently got less 3 in APCALC than Mobhack.
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