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Default Re: 3840x2160 monitor

I play on a 32" 3840x2160 monitor. Not sure what you are looking for exactly so I'll just dump some thoughts. It's just readable when windowed on 1600x1280, which is how I play normally. Any smaller and I think I would be squinting/leaning in frequently. The text in the scenario list for instance is just big enough though to my eyes some of it already just 'blurs' together I'm guessing what I'm reading by what I can make out, the letter 'i' is hard to make out in a word as an example.

Text in the Encyclopaedia is more readable when you click on what you're interested in. But the green blurb text inside it is again only just readable to me like the scenario list.

On a smaller 4k screen I'm not sure how comfortable it would be when windowed.

I can't test full screen I get two errors: SAL ERROR IpDD->SetDisplayMode() Failed, code 80004001, SAL ERROR DirectDraw could not be initialized. Which is bizzare, could have sworn I had it working prior to a reformat, probably missing something. Maybe I could try on wine/linux. Anyway, I remember full screen being fine.
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