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Fallout Re: MBT's

Who's Irish out here!?! Suhiir (Both these in good natured way I'm sure! is basically doing what a tour bus Driver did to me in Dublin Oct. 2016. And as I have 7 tabs opened and the Russian OOB in hot standby well, you're all just going to have read the story now (This is the mandatory fun for all part from my last Jet Thread Post.) We are on a the tour bus in it's final run of the day to make the final tour of the day.

Me: Do you think you can make to Kilmainham Gaol (Pronounced: Jail.) before the last tour starts that we have tickets for? Driver: After a few seconds, Are ya challenging me mann!?! Well Are ya challenging me mann!?! Me: Yes I am challenging you!?! Driver: Well mann, DO YOU ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE then!?! Me: Why is he asking me this I'm thinking!?! Driver repeats the question again before I finally realise this is what they do here (Later confirmed.) so...Me: Mann, I ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE AND GOD HELP US GETTING THERE!!! We all had a good laugh, and God help the tourist that didn't get to the last 3 or 4 P/U points when the bus arrived. The tour had just barely begun with us having a final laugh, handshake and a Manley man bear hug! NOW with that memory I'm ready to go.



A lot of people out are going to have to decide whether to go with the "Video Guy" or my best analysis with the information I have at this point. I can't do better than that.


1. "Video Guy" is wrong as I already noted the T-90 has the armor of the T-72BU (Which would later be designated T-90.) with parts of the FCS of the T-80U. What's he missing? Well 2 MBT's that were very important to the T-72BU (I should note Tank Encyclopedia has a picture of the T-72BU.) development.

These are the...
T-72B obr.1989g
The model 1989 had an improved Kontakt-5 ERA armor, and a “Dolly Parton” composite armor extended on the turret sides.

T-72B obr.1990g
Upgraded version with a new FCS coupled with a cross-wind sensor and the V-92S2 engine (not systematic). it also had an improved commander cupola sight. The T-72BU was developed from this version, giving birth to the T-90.

It does have Kontakt-5 ERA as I noted earlier today.

Also Shtora-1 countermeasures system which as I mentioned last night/early this morning still a very effective system. Included is the
Nakidka” thermal/radar/optical shroud.

Night Vision:
Early batches

TO1-KO1 Buran-PA with TPN-4-49-23 passive/active II (target id range 1.2/1.5 km) (Mine This has two modes of Operation. Also it's ONLY used and effective at Twilight and Dawn or if you will Ambient Skylight.

Later batches

ESSA (Thales Optronique Catherine-FC TI) (Mine: As used on the T-90A and the T-72 "White Eagle", check *Nicaragua*/Venezuela OOB when I submitted that MBT about 2-3 years ago, I believe with TI/GSR 45. Might be in Russian OOB as well from the same time.)

Commander (Mine so here's the PITA, I recommend TI/GSR 15 this is the average of two values given below for the T-90/ONLY.
PNK-4S complex
includes TKN-4S Agat-S day/night sight (target id range 800 m (day)/700 (night)

TVN-5 IR night viewer
(These above values are ALL OVER THE WEB for the T-90.)

So mister "Video Man" is wrong. He's failure to identify those two missing tanks was were he failed in his "video exercise" I will still give him the award however, though I'll concede depending on these two factors, 1. How did he conduct his "word" search and 2. What limitations does he have on web access. I know already not everyone is equal in their access or capability to gain access at the server or other equipment outside of their PC. Some the observations were good. I've seen occur in the Forum as well.

What's left is I need to see if a "break point" exists between the "earlier batch's" as noted above, to something before the T-90A.

See I'm not such a B**T**D after all.



* Denotes best for armor values.

I used some of my other refs as well to include armyrecognition/armyguide etc, It's all come basically to the same conclusions.

I've spent almost 5 hours on this, I'm done. I have to figure out how my PELTOR TAC 300 noise canceling hearing protection works. After this exercise, I'll be more then ready to get that/maintain my expert qual again on the range starting in the morning!!

"If something is not impossible, there must be a way of doing it." - Sir Nicholas Winton

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