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Default Re: EA Ermor healing and healing mechanics


Thanks for all replies.

I missed them in the faq because I stopped reading after the first message.... strange it didn't occur to me it CONTINUED.

I agree the sample space is tiny, my concern was that it seemed like each healer was either not stacking, or was healing exactly one affliction on one unit and stopping, which struck me as different from how arco used to work.

Mother of serpents has a 100% heal chance and the description strongly implies multi-heal. I haven't the time to test it, (4 month old baby, and wife home 24/7) but I suspect someone with better modding skills might (though it doesn't relate to an EA ermor bug possibility per se, but I'll assume there isn't one if no one else is seeing an obvious disconnect.

How does the chalice work? I've never gotten it.

The path spoilers for age are great, did I miss the death/growth scale spoilers, or are they elsewhere, does actual scale in unit province on the aging month have the only effect or is it globalized?

Thanks for continuing to thwart my ignorance,

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