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Default Re: Payback - Vet & intermediate - EA - Running

Originally Posted by Reverend Zombie View Post
I need to install Dom 3 on a new PC and can't find my cd key.
If you still have access to your old computer/old Dominions 3 files, then you can copy the file called "key" (located in the Dominions 3 directory) to the Dominions 3 directory on your new compuer (after you install it). Or alternatively just open the "key" file with any text editor to retrieve your CD-Key (as the contents of that file are the same as the CD-Key you typed in)

Of course this only applies if you still have access to your previous computer/Dominions 3 files. You can also just copy the entire Dominions 3 folder to your new computer and run it directly from there, since there are no registry dependencies so the game doesn't need to be installed to play it. A lot of players actually keep their game on a USB stick, which allows them to play the game on any computer.

And one bit of advice is that if you are using Windows, then it's a good idea to not install Dominions 3 to the default Program Files directory. (as doing that causes some hassle with save files etc)
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